Standalone on 10.6.8 Crash

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Sat Dec 10 16:46:46 EST 2016

Dan Friedman wrote:

 > Ok, here’s a weird one...   I make a standalone on my mac (LC Indy
 > 8.1.1, OSX 10.12.1).  Here’ the ENTIRE project:
 > New Stack
 > Add 1 button
 > Set script of button to this:
 > on mouseUp
 >    answer “This is a test."
 > end mouseUp
 > Now, build standalone.  Everything is fine.  Runs on Mac running
 > 10.6.8, runs on Mac running 10.12.1.
 > Change the script of the button to this:
 > on mouseUp
 >    put url "" into pURL
 >    answer pURL
 > end mouseUp
 > Now, the standalone fails ON LAUNCH.  Doesn’t even open the main
 > stack to click the button.  App runs fine on the 10.12.1 machine,
 > so I doubt it’s a missing inclusion (although the Internet Library
 > is selected and “Select inclusions for the standalone application”
 > selected).  Documentation says 10.6.8 is still supported.

I'd wager that if you look through your Mac's crash logs you'd find 
reference to a deprecated API.  Apple stopped patching 10.6.x a long 
time ago.

It may be tsNet expecting more recent APIs than what's offered on 
10.6.8.  You might try running libURL without it.  A couple weeks ago 
here Panos suggested we can disable tsNet with:

    dispatch "revUnloadLibrary" to stack "tsNetLibURL"

But to be honest, a URL call requires an Internet connection, and an 
unpatched OS is too dangerous to have connected to the Internet.

The time may be better spent updating the OS than exploring workarounds 
for Apple's old versions.

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