Android push notifications

Mid West Coast Media andrew at
Tue Dec 6 17:09:05 EST 2016

I had done some proof of concept testing with push notifications over a year ago but am just now getting around to implementing in an app. The lesson to do so with iOS and demo stack worked great. The lesson for Android seems no longer valid. 

Google Cloud Messaging is documented, and what I had used before, but has been deprecated in favor of Firebase Cloud Messaging. This new service doesn't provide the same API key process and instead wants me to modify my build.gradle (whatever that is) to include a JSON file Google generated with my app credentials. 

I can see Google Cloud Messaging in my original test app console in Google Play, but can only add Firebase Cloud Messaging to other apps. 

Anyone have any experience implementing this new service? It seems that a feature request (#18075 was submitted in July) but is down right now. 

--Andrew Bell
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