AW: Is there a mapping table for all rawKeyUp Codes? No solution yet with LC 8

hh hh at
Tue Dec 6 07:33:20 EST 2016

Tiemo wrote:
> Can I rely on this workaround to get the correct chars, which
> have been entered on "all" systems?

No. As a workaround to get the "char input" this isn't reliable on
_any_ system or hardware configuration. You only *guess* with that:
IF the user uses a 'usual' keyboard layout, then he'll get from that
key press a certain character.

Currently I'm using a german keyboard on an english system (because
my english keyboard was drunk from a cup of cappucino). But I use
the english keyboard layout. So my "ö" yields ";". But it's always
the keyCode 59. While the characterCode is what you get from charToNum().

Using "Ukelele" (good site for writing systems and character encoding)
I can use my "ö" for (nearly all) other keypresses.
And the keyCode is always 59.

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