Typesetting in LC -- Line Spacing

J. Landman Gay jacque at hyperactivesw.com
Mon Dec 5 16:33:13 EST 2016

On 12/5/16 2:38 PM, Paul Dupuis wrote:

> I am not sure what version of LC you are working in, but in LC 6.7.11 if
> you go to the dictionary and click on the field object to see all the
> properties of the field object, all the new field properties, including
> spaceAbove and spaceBelow seem to be there.
> In new releases, I often browse object of interest in the dictionary
> looking for new properties first rather than the release notes, simply
> because the Dictionary is a big convenient button on the IDE toolbar.

I'm in 8.1.2 right now and you can (indirectly) do the same thing to see 
all properties of a field, for instance. But there are so many...

Still, I could have done that I guess. Mainly I remembered there was a 
"change list" and went looking for it.

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