Typesetting in LC -- Line Spacing

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Mon Dec 5 15:39:40 EST 2016

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami wrote:

 > "  I wish there were a way to search all the release notes at once."
 > ditto that!
 > And it goes back to an older request I had (of course someone will
 > say "you can build that yourself"

In an ideal world it would be great for the team to have time to do that.

In the world we live in, they'd have to take time away from other things 
we ask them to do.

Which of the stuff they're working on would you like them to set aside 
to do that?

Can you get enough other people to agree with such priorities so that 
suspending the other work doesn't result in a lot of complaints the 
other direction?

If enough people see value in such a search index, why would they not 
make one and let the engine team continue to work on the engine?

While we ponder that, here's the link to the v5.5 Release Notes, which 
I've found to be the best one-stop-shopping for info on the new field 
features added in that version:

And yes, I'd like to write the new manual section that incorporates that 
and submit a pull request to have it become part of the manual that 
ships with LC.  But like the team and the other community members, I 
have other obligations as well, so like the team and the other community 
members I haven't done that yet.

But anyone sufficiently motivated with a few spare hours could do it.

Same with:

 > that the IDE should have a very robust text/layout/typsetting
 > palette… so that newbies coming on board don’t feel this platform
 > is unusable for "real classy" design work..

One of the great things about a toolkit like LC is that it goes so very 
far beyond any other Xtalk, light years beyond HC, that it's completely 
redefined our expectations.

In HC folks were happily clicking away without even any vector graphics 
at all, very limited typography, and the only support for color was done 
in an overlay through an external.

LC has done such a great job in delivering an engine so far more 
capable, and for so many more platforms, and the team's done such a good 
job with it that we take for granted that all that's somehow easy, and 
that it should be equally easy to build UIs for the sorts of feature 
sets commonly found only in drawing programs, page layout programs, and 
many other categories far beyond a humble coder's IDE.

The team size at LC Ltd. may be finite, the our community need not be.

If we need scripted UIs for these sorts of enhancements, as scripters 
we're well equipped to deliver them.

Why can't the UI you're describing be a plugin, perhaps liberally 
licensed for all to use, share, and enhance?

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