using windows playback via livecode 8

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Thu Aug 25 18:47:51 EDT 2016

Somehow i lost a week of emails there on the list replies!
I just got a pro 4 from the ms store here in bethesda on loan (if you go to a store they now have a loaner program for up to a month to try stuff out on a surface for free!). i downloaded LC8 and it is running fine, about to bring over some lc apps this weekend to test and start trying the video playback out. im guessing the 32bit comes turned on and perhaps you can switch it off some where or not load it to save space or memory perhaps. ill poke around and see if i can find anything in the settings.
FYI the surface book looses the GPU if you detach the screen for mobile work so it basically really is back to being a surface 4 at that point for graphics processing (on the cpu) and it looses half the battery as well (the other half is in the base). you only get the larger screen.
Ive not been impressed with the surface so far, its not anything as easy as using an ipad as a touch device for the regular interface stuff. sure it will work fine with a touch designed interface, but the screen response is a little spotty and not very comfortable to hold as a pad unit. it feels more like having a laptop that you can pull off the screen but not something you want to carry around like that and use a lot of the time like that. it is a swiss army knife, useful but not always so comfortable to carry or use...

> On 8/17/2016 1:02 PM, Mark Talluto wrote:
> > FWIW, we have 2 Surface Pro 3 units here. We run LC 6 - LC 8 apps on
> > them just fine. We have a number of school districts that have
> > adopted them based on our suggestions and they are running our apps
> > well. Everyone is using them as they come from Microsoft without
> > modification to compatibility modes and such. Hope this helps...a
> > little bit at least.
> Yes, it does, thanks very much. The user said someone "set up the 
> system" for her and she didn't want to change the settings. Maybe that 
> was the problem, if there's some setting that forbids fallback to 
> 32-bit. I have no idea what they changed, and she was a very naive user 
> who couldn't answer any questions.
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