Cross platform Emoji in a field within a group

David V Glasgow dvglasgow at
Tue Aug 23 06:06:39 EDT 2016

Hello folks,

I am fiddling with an app which involves fairly complex grouped objects each of which I want to be ‘taggable' using a subset of emoji. Probably a little line of them in a bar across the top of each group

I am trying to decide whether to use a collection of png on an emoji card, or whether to go with unicode in a field generating the emoji.

The former would be simpler, but I would have to handle the issue of platform compliance .  

The latter would delegate platform compliance to LC and I would be left with Unicode wrangling and and ‘font’ size.  

Or is platform compliance a non issue?  Are people so used to emoji in their variants, I can just create a set that I like and use them across platforms?


David Glasgow

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