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Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Mon Aug 22 23:42:11 EDT 2016

Roger wrote:

 > I take it back. I thought I had it working but alas, not so much.
 > I can’t make it work for a button in a palette stack (a plugin)
 > and selectedText from the Script Editor of the topStack. Here is
 > my button script:
 > on mouseUp
 >	set the defaultstack to the topstack
 >	put the selectedtext into tText
 >	if the first char of tText is not quote then put quote before tText
 >	if the last char of tText is not quote then put quote after tText
 >	put tText into the selectedtext
 > end mouseUp
 > The traversalOn of this button is indeed unchecked. When I click
 > the button, the selectedText in the Script Editor goes unhilited,
 > and nothing else happens. Funny thing is, I could swear I had it
 > working before my previous post???

Maybe you forgot to set the stack back to palette?

Try this:

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