IPv6 & Apple

Charles Warwick charles at techstrategies.com.au
Tue Aug 23 01:19:59 EDT 2016

On 23/08/2016 2:27 pm, Charles Warwick wrote:
> Hi Scott,
> Ok, there are a couple of issues there.
> Using "" as tDatabaseAddress indicates you are using 
> a hardcoded IPv4 address which can cause problems.
> However there is a bigger issue there in that the database library in 
> LC does not support IPv6.
> This means that for iOS apps that you want to submit to the app store, 
> you cannot directly connect to a remote database server using LC's 
> built-in database library.
I should clarify that further... the database library does not support 
the use IPv6 addresses in a similar manner to what you are doing with 
the IPv4 address above.

However, looking back through the archives, Fraser mentioned that it 
should work if you use a hostname instead (e.g. database.mydomain.com).

If that is correct (I have not tested it), you should be able to just 
set up a DNS entry that resolves to the IP address you are using, and 
change tDatabaseAddress accordingly.



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