Backwards compatibility or sanity? help

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Sun Aug 21 06:52:06 EDT 2016

Symmetric chunks of the type you describe have issues when the delimiting
rules are more complex - for example when the item delimiter is 'ab', the
number of items in 'ab' is not an invariant of its read order, unless you
reverse the characters in the delimiter too. When the item delimiter is
'aa', the items of 'baaa' are completely different. What happens when the
item delimiter has combining characters and we're matching the precombined

For a more simple example of the issues here, what are the backward and
forward words of

"String without closing quote


On Sun, 21 Aug 2016 at 10:39, hh <hh at> wrote:

> > Monte wrote:
> > Hmm... I've got to say I'm a little on the ignorant
> > side of things with regard to RTL text in LiveCode but
> > my understanding is it's only a field thing and any
> > chunk references are always LTR. Happy to be educated
> > though!
> Sorry Monte,
> I thought (erroneously?) that right-to-left chunk references
> are in the to-do-but-not-yet-implemented-chest of LC 8.
> Anyway, the following example
> empty is among the items of empty --> returns false
> item 1 of empty is empty --> returns true
> shows, that one could think about
> == adding a new "correct/consistent" definition of item, e.g.
>    "trueItem", that is free of all these contradictions
>    generating trailing delimiter and 'index is out of bounds'
>    things,
> == and about making the (sometimes) "wrong/inconsistent"
>    item-behaviour always downward compatible.
> Ciao, Hermann
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