using windows playback via livecode 8

J. Landman Gay jacque at
Tue Aug 16 16:09:31 EDT 2016

Yesterday I got a tech support question from a Surface Pro 3 user. Our 
LC standalone (built in LC 7.1.4) wouldn't even launch. I suspect it's 
because the Surface is running in 64-bit.

Does your Surface run with LC 8?

On 8/16/2016 2:07 PM, Jeff Reynolds wrote:
> Hi,
> I was wondering if anyone has had good luck playing back HD quality
> video on a MS Surface book using livecode 8 and the new windows
> playback system that uses the direct show libraries.
> A client wants to be able to playback full screen HD videos on the
> surface from a presentation interface that is normally used to
> control a dedicated video server. I have done this for years on
> macbook pros to the external and laptop video and low res videos on
> desktop screens with windows but always using quicktime in the past.
> Now with win 10 I assume that should not be done even if we could get
> an old qt installed.
> They wanted ipad but the bundling and such necessary of all the
> assets which need updating now and then was way too much work for
> what was needed. If we can just play the windows version from the
> Surface like we do with the macbook pro then it should be a pretty
> simple modification.
> The surface book specs look like its decent graphics to do this, but
> always a bit of a guess if this stuff will play well on hardware
> until tested. years back when I had to do this on the mac, the apple
> store manager let me actually bring in a monitor and also run my
> software from a flash drive to test if the macbook pros at the time
> could do it! luckily it did. Not sure MS store will let me do this
> but going to give it a whirl.
> Thanks
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