using windows playback via livecode 8

Jeff Reynolds jeff at
Tue Aug 16 15:07:57 EDT 2016


I was wondering if anyone has had good luck playing back HD quality video on a MS Surface book using livecode 8 and the new windows playback system that uses the direct show libraries.

A client wants to be able to playback full screen HD videos on the surface from a presentation interface that is normally used to control a dedicated video server. I have done this for years on macbook pros to the external and laptop video and low res videos on desktop screens with windows but always using quicktime in the past. Now with win 10 I assume that should not be done even if we could get an old qt installed.

They wanted ipad but the bundling and such necessary of all the assets which need updating now and then was way too much work for what was needed. If we can just play the windows version from the Surface like we do with the macbook pro then it should be a pretty simple modification. 

The surface book specs look like its decent graphics to do this, but always a bit of a guess if this stuff will play well on hardware until tested. years back when I had to do this on the mac, the apple store manager let me actually bring in a monitor and also run my software from a flash drive to test if the macbook pros at the time could do it! luckily it did. Not sure MS store will let me do this but going to give it a whirl.



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