SVG Editors, anyone?

Graham Samuel livfoss at
Tue Aug 9 04:06:02 EDT 2016

Thanks for the thought, Alejandro, but I don’t see how this would work when it comes to scaling. My idea would be to adapt the size of the widget to the screen size as part of the standalone, by simply changing its dimensions, and voila! the graphics in the widget would always look good. If I had to prepare a PNG for each size of screen, wouldn’t I have to do that at build time and maintain lots of differently sized PNGs instead of one single code-and-graphics base? Or maybe I don’t quite understand what you are suggesting.

The technique you suggest does look powerful, though, for preparation of apps where only one screen size is envisaged.

Thanks again


> On 9 Aug 2016, at 02:05, Alejandro Tejada <capellan2000 at> wrote:
> Hi Graham,
> Could you use the browser widget to
> render a svg as png?
> Take a look at this javascript code
> that shows 3 different methods
> to create a transparent png
> from svg files:
> This works really fine:
> Alejandro
> On Mon, 08 Aug 2016,
> Graham Samuel wrote:
>> Yes, I?m assuming that the SVG capabilities of widgets
>> will develop until pretty much any SVG graphic can be rendered:
>> this could of course be wrong.
>> But I would be very sad if we have to stick to monochrome
>> for any serious work. After all, complex controls, which is
>> what widgets are, are certain to demand colour sooner
>> rather than later, and since scalability is the most attractive
>> thing about widgets that I?ve seen so far, I very much hope
>> this can be achieved via SVG.
>> OTOH at the conference I don?t think I heard anyone
>> from the mother ship talking about plans to enrich
>> SVG rendering.
>> If anyone knows anything more definite, please tell us!
>> Graham
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