Secure sockets problem... any update?

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Mon Aug 8 14:56:13 EDT 2016

Stephen MacLean wrote:

 > Hi Richard,
 > Thanks for adding yourself to the CC list on this bug:)

It's an important bug, very much looking forward to following its 
progress.  Thank you for providing a link to it here.

 > I think you may be reading the post from Panos with the wrong date
 > though, understandable given all of us being on EU date format the
 > last week with the conference.
 > Panos confirmed it on Feb 2 (2016-02-08) and changed it to "Expert
 > Review” then. My “Any update” post on the bug report was on Aug 6
 > (2016-08-06).

Yes indeed, I was quite mistaken.  Thanks for drawing my attention to 
that.  I had glanced near the top of the report and misread the order of 
the date elements, completely overlooking the light-gray date on Panos' 

That your "tickle" of the report came only after a very patient waiting 
period is not surprising; you've always seemed a patient person.

It's just so rare these days that something of this significance remains 
outstanding for that long that I was clearly over-confident about the 
follow-up there.

With the recent tickle, fingers crossed it'll get some love shortly.

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