file upload options

Matt Maier blueback09 at
Sat Aug 6 12:31:47 EDT 2016

I'm trying to figure out if I should code a solution into my desktop app or
just tell people to use a 3rd-party app like WinSCP.

What I think I need people to be able to do is "sync" a project folder on
their computer with a repository I'm hosting for them on my site. The
folder will have multiple files of various types.

Just from what I've picked up so far, it seems like all of the options
(put, post, FTP) can't upload in parallel. Additionally, it would make
sense to only upload new and/or changed information rather than everything
every time.

I'm inferring that it might save a lot of time to just figure out how to
setup some kind of secure FTP access for each user to their repository and
tell them to use a tool that's already built for the time being. Otherwise
I'll have to basically recreate the core functionality of an FTP client.

I suppose a theoretical alternative is to carefully track all of the
changes the user makes to their project folder so they can be uploaded one
at a time, without actually comparing anything or working in parallel.

I'm estimating time based on how much I understand of the example stacks
I got them working (with just an echo instead of the database), but there's
a lot of stuff in there I left alone, like figuring out how to deal with
version numbers, unicode, POST, HTTP headers, etc. Presumably, multipart
file uploads, and full directory uploads, will be a huge pain without an
equivalent template stack.

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