Set DoubleClickInterval very low!

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami brahma at
Thu Aug 4 13:37:17 EDT 2016

It's very simple: 

on mouseup
   # do something right now and don't wait more than 100 milliseconds
   # because we don't use double clicks anywhere in this app
end mouseup

There is no "dual model" to even think about.

Jacqueline: can you supply a small "long press" trap snippet for us here? tks

without even realizing it… I was editing an email in outlook on my iPhone trying to reply and wanted to cut out text, my instinctive attempt to select text was in fact a long press… Long click invokes "select | select all" , then double click invokes the copy begin and end slider to extend the selection. 

We will have to see if a use case arises where we will need to trap for this also. 

Jacqueline: how do you give a mobile user on android the ability to select a range of text versus just a word?


Richard Gaskin wrote:

    For the reasons I noted in my earlier post, you may want to review your 
    libraries for where that's happening.  And since you're reducing the 
    doubleClickInterval to a value below what the user expects, you might 
    consider removing that dual model altogether and finding a different 
    means of delivering the options you're seeking to provide for the user.

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