Ideas for LiveCode workshops - help needed

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami brahma at
Thu Aug 4 11:28:23 EDT 2016

1) consider a way to do these on line… possibly shorter (I'm in Hawaii so…..attendance is limited)

2) go thru all past conferences and look at the different track subject matter: These were well thought out and could serve as a theme for a number of work shops.

3) try to solicit other to be presenters with the understanding that even a "newbie" could be a presenter. i.e. the presenter's job is also just to "kick off" the workshop… so the newbie presenter picks the subject and say "OK here's what I'm trying to do in Livecode today, and given my very little experience here are the methods I'm using… what do you think."  

4) Focus on UI/UX  so that you can position Livecode as a tool that can meet modern design requirements/expectations i.e. everything that the users actually sees and interacts with must look 2016 and not 1995. HOW TO: 
   -- handling type
   -- images on screen
   -- gradients, backgrounds
   -- simple animation (parallax, kenburn movement in the background)
   -- color
   -- buttons, icons


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    So, ideas and suggestions please!

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