LiveCode with Balsamiq?

Peter Reid preid at
Fri Sep 25 10:41:40 EDT 2015

Has anyone tried converting from Balsamiq mockups to LiveCode?

Balsamiq is an increasingly popular, very affordable ($89 per user) wireframing tool used for developing design mockups for a wide range of apps – web sites, mobile apps, desktop apps, etc.

The underlying file structure of Balsamiq mockups is XML files and Balsamiq itself can be run on Mac and PC (it is built on top of Adobe AIR).

Whilst Balsamiq is a great tool for static mockups, interactivity is limited to linked screens.  If you need to produce interactive mockups with a thin layer of reactive code, you need to convert the mockups into a more active tool.  There are several tools that will convert Balsamiq mockups into Web apps (generating HTML/CSS/JavaScript) as well as converting to Flash, etc.  However, I've seen nothing that brings together Balsamiq with LiveCode.

I've used Balsamiq to work out design alternatives and walked through different design screens with sample users.  However, as soon as greater fidelity is required for more in-depth user trials, I have to start again and build the screens from scratch in LiveCode.

Has anyone tried this combination of Balsamiq with LiveCode?  Better still, has anyone developed a conversion tool to quickly turn Balsamiq mockups into LiveCode screens?!

Peter Reid
Loughborough, UK

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