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Roland Huettmann roland.huettmann at
Fri Sep 25 08:05:35 EDT 2015

Just visited your website, Scott. (Maybe time to rename to "LiveCode
Planet" ?). I was not even aware of your work.

With all respect, in my one role as a business man, I can not yet see the
business model behind LiveCode in terms of attracting bigger sums of money
for development and creating revenue.

But  they need revenue and investment to continue and grow! So why not
there is a way of raising a million pounds and more?

Microsoft paid billions !!!!! for Nokia and lost. A fraction of this to
Livecode! And see Skype, and all that...!

And here the cats bites its own tail: No money - no development, but
without development no money.

It looks like Feature Exchange does not fly looking at statistics today.
May be some big sponsor will cover the remaining sums?

I also see some missing logic in this offer. In the end I personally would
prefer simply to pay donations. But could that be the future?

Wishing all the best

On Wed, Sep 23, 2015, 01:03 RunRevPlanet <feed at> wrote:

> I don't understand it. Earlier, LiveCode Ltd was encouraging me to lock in
> my
> Indy License at a special low price that would last forever.
> In other words LiveCode Ltd was actively encouraging me to reduce their
> annual
> revenue from me by around $200 USD. Not just for now, but forever!
> It was said, "the Indy license is no longer sustainable at its current
> price."
> But LiveCode Ltd decides to offer that unsustainable price to all the Indy
> users. With the added bonus of a further generous discount. The $499 for
> the two
> year License meant that accepting the offer would give, on top of the lock
> in,
> almost another $50 discount for each of the first two years.
> Even after the offer expired, I received an email giving me one last
> chance.
> That's how much LiveCode Ltd wanted to reduce it's future revenue.
> Now with the Feature Exchange I am hearing, "We'd love to make all of these
> features focal points but we cannot do so without the funding."
> So LiveCode Ltd is asking for more money because without it they can't fund
> future developments, some of which are arguably essential features.
> It seem like the approach this year has been:
> June: "Oh no, we are running short of cash, lets lock in a large group of
> customers at an unsustainable low price right now to get some money. It
> doesn't
> matter that over the next 10 years we are denying ourselves revenue of
> $2000 USD
> per Indy License. We will worry about that later."
> September: "Oh no, OS X is more and more going exclusively 64 bit and
> properly
> supporting it essential. And let's not forget how hard it is to properly
> support
> mobile development without remote debugging, but we don't have the money
> to fund
> those features because of what we did in June."
> I apologise, if I am sounding harsh with the attempted humour tinged with
> sarcasm. But it all sounds like a funny way to approach development, and
> in ways
> beyond what I can express here, it is frustrating and annoying.
> --
> Scott McDonald
> "Components, Controls, Tools and Resources for LiveCode"
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