non-breaking spaces in fields?

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Thu Sep 24 17:04:24 EDT 2015

The LC field object has always(since LC 5 anyway) respected non-breaking
spaces (ascii 160). But in pre LC v7 the word chunk does not recognize
non-breaking spaces.

LC pre v7 (put word 1 of "abc"&numtochar(160)&"def") yields "abc def"

LC 7.06 (put word 1 of "abc"&numtochar(160)&"def") yields "abc"

Just another reason to let go of LC 6 completely. But just like my keyboard,
I find it hard to let go.

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I have fields in which I need non-breaking spaces.  I've found that a bunch
of spaces can be omitted in rendering if they occur at the beginning of a
line.  (these are fixed fields, with another field holding a value).

Is there a way without setting html text to do this?


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