use-livecode Digest, Vol 144, Issue 44

Bruce Humphrey bhumphrey2 at
Thu Sep 24 09:47:02 EDT 2015

Speaking as a noob but longtime hypercarder and now a new-minted Indy contributor I have a couple of thoughts:

I haven't come across a web-based page where all of us can interact to propose/respond to new feature ideas. A description and priority assignment for said feature(s), which can then be affirmed/rated by others, would be a good lead-in to the existing New Feature Exchange. This would provide a forum for specifying and ranking features, which could then be promoted to the Exchange as appropriate. I've seen great ideas on this group but no avenues to see anyone As examples:

1. Feature: semi-transparent graphic creation, with graduated opacity, to allow masking/mixing of graphic elements.

2. Upgrade: the icon/graphic libraries in LC are embarrassing. Not being a graphic artist I find having such elements available go a long way toward interface presentability. We need LC to include reasonable (not amateurish) icon/graphic libraries, as well as convenient ways to add to them (perhaps through 3rd party) and less convoluted ways for used graphics to include with builds. 

3. Startup prebuilds which I can select from main menu New Stack options which set screen presets (size/color, etc) depending on my intended destination build (iOS, etc).

Any of this reasonable or am I too new and not seeing what is already out there?


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