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On 09/22/2015 01:02 PM, AndyP wrote:

> LiveCode Community 8.0 DP4 - This was my first experience of installing
> without using the package manager or via the terminal apt install and didn't
> go so smoothly. It took two attempts after working out that the installer
> had to be given execution rights. Once installed I couldn't find it until
> Linux was rebooted.... is this normal?

The installer permissions, unfortunately, yes. It's not hard to create a 
bz2 file or a zip file or a deb file or an rpm file or any other way of 
making an installer file that will preserve permissions, but somehow it 
hasn't been a priority. Just get used to the fact that every time you 
download a new version you have to set permissions.

I haven't had the need to reboot problem. LC always shows up in the 
Programming menu right away. The icon isn't always present right away, 
but that's a different matter.

> LC has crashed or frozen quite a few times, generally when using Widgets or
> the Widgets Manager.

Or working with the dictionary. Or trying to use the browser. Or trying 
to use the backdrop. Or loading some third-party plugins. Or...

Here's a hint for the next time it freezes... in a terminal window type

ps ax | grep livecode

that will show you the process id for the running IDE. Take that process 
id (the first number in the line) and type

kill -9 xxxx

where xxxx is the process id.

If it really gets hung up to the point where you can't even use the 
terminal window (this happens to me quite frequently with LC8),

alt-control-F6 will give you a barebones login screen. After logging in, 
do the 'ps ax' thing above. Then type alt-control-F8 to return to your 


Oh... one more thing... the uninstaller doesn't work on linux any more. 
The last one that worked is for version 6.5.2. So install that version 
as well. When you want to uninstall a more recent version (one of the 
developer previews, for example), copy the uninstaller from 6.5.2 into 
the directory of the version you want to uninstall and run it from there.

(assuming you installed for all users) - watch the linewraps:

sudo cp /opt/runrev/livecode-6.5.2/.setup.x86 
/opt/runrev/livecodecommunity-8.0.0-dp-4 (x86_64)
cd /opt/runrev/livecodecommunity-8.0.0-dp-4 (x86_64)
sudo ./.setup.x86 uninstall

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