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AndyP wrote:

 > Post Installed Software
 > File Sharing/Backup: DropBox. - essential.

If you have a VPS or dedicated server, down the road you can sharpen 
your admin skills with the flexible and liberating OwnCloud - good 
people, great project:

 > LiveCode Community 8.0 DP4 - This was my first experience of
 > installing without using the package manager or via the terminal
 > apt install and didn't go so smoothly. It took two attempts after
 > working out that the installer had to be given execution rights.
 > Once installed I couldn't find it until Linux was rebooted....
 > is this normal?
 > LC has crashed or frozen quite a few times, generally when using
 > Widgets or the Widgets Manager.
 > LC starts up a lot faster (about 2 seconds)wow! than in Windows
 > and apart from the freezing issues is very responsive. I've created
 > several standalones that I have been using on Windows and they are
 > all working as expected (kudos to the LiveCode team) and actually
 > look better on Linux.

There are some good things about LiveCode's Linux engine, and some bad 

For the work I do Linux has proven itself to be a great experience, with 
an efficiency, security, and usability at least on par with any other OS 
I've used.

Unfortunately, the weakest part of my Linux experience is LiveCode. 
Because it's unique I still use it, but of all the Linux software I use 
it's the least polished and most error-prone.

Fraser, Peter and others on the team have been making big strides with 
LiveCode on Linux, so while it still has a way to go before I can deploy 
professional-looking apps to that platform I can generally develop on 
Ubuntu well enough for deployment to Mac, Windows, and Android for now. 
  And hopefully as things continue to improve I'll be able to share 
LiveCode with my Linux friends too soon enough.

I would encourage you to feel free to report back here periodically 
about your Linux experience, esp. with regard to LiveCode.  Some of us 
may know workarounds for things you might encounter, and having a fresh 
set of eyes on it is helpful for all of us in more clearly seeing both 
the good and the bad.

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