ANN MasterLibrary Version 45 now available.

Michael Doub mikedoub at
Fri Sep 18 10:49:30 EDT 2015

I made some adjustments to take into account the new reserved words of 
7.1 and 8.0.   You can find the current version here:

    -= Mike

Release 45
*  Added ArrayEncodeVersion - This function will return the livecode 
version that created the array encoded
*  Added text_is_Caps - This function returns true if the input is all CAPS
*  Floor and Ceiling are now built in function of LiveCode 7.1 and 
above.   Changed the names to _Floor
     and _Ceiling.

Release 44
*  Added numToAccounting, accountingToNum  - format and un-format numbers
*  Added PointWithinGrc - test for xyPoint within a grachic

Release 43
*  Added getColumns

Release 42
*  Added WordBounds - given line and word offsets it will return the 
starting and ending character of the
     specified word.

Release 41
*  Added ability to create script only stacks, insert scripts. (see 
bottum on help text)  Script only stacks
     will be automaticly be saved after any script insertions.
*  added the ScriptOnly function.  This function checks the disc image 
of a stack to see if it is a Script Only
     Stack.   It returns true if the first line of the stack script on 
disc is "script".

Release 40
*  Totally fixed the FindinStyledText function.  Sorry, folks somehow a 
very early version found its way into
     the Library and was not even close.  This version has been manually 
tested against the data generated
     by DummyTextData.

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