Using FileMaker as ODBC Source

Javier Miranda jemirandav at
Tue Sep 15 00:35:22 EDT 2015

Hi friends, can you take a look to this code please? 

on mouseUp
   put "ODBC" into theDBType 
   put "localhost" into theDBHost
   put "SACyV" into theDBName
   put "Admin" into theDBUser
   put  “bcdea" into theDBPassword
   put revOpenDatabase( theDBType, theDBName , theDBHost, theDBUser, theDBPassword ) into theConnectionID
   put revQueryDatabase( theConnectionID, "SELECT * FROM Almacen") into theCursor
   revMoveToLastRecord theCursor
   --put the result  (It puts false in the msg)
   put revCurrentRecord(theCursor) + 1 into field RegAct
   put revDatabaseColumnNamed(theCursor, TotRec) & return & Total into field RegNum
   set the endValue of Scrollbar Marcador to revCurrentRecord(theCursor) + 1
   set the  thumbposition of Scrollbar Marcador to 1
   put revDatabaseColumnNamed(theCursor, ItemID) into field ItemID
   put revDatabaseColumnNamed(theCursor, Producto) into field Producto
   put revDatabaseColumnNamed(theCursor, Marca) into field Marca
end mouseUp

It successfully establishes a connection to a datasource (A FileMaker 13 database), makes SQL query, put some values into certain fields in the card and put the fields of the record in the corresponding cards fields.
The problem is doesn’t “like” revMoveToLastRecord theCursor.
I tried to use these commands To navigate the records in the result set:
- revMoveToFirstRecord <cursor id>
- revMoveToPreviousRecord <cursor id>
- revMoveToNextRecord <cursor id>
- revMoveToLastRecord <cursor id>
But none of them seems to work. Is this a limitation of the ODBC driver? And  if it is, what have to be done to navigate the records in the cursor?

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