BBEdit/Textwrangler LCM for livescript

James Hale james at
Wed Sep 9 12:04:01 EDT 2015

Thierry wrote:
> Replace the key 'Function Pattern' with the one below
> and you might have a surprise with code folding..

Well I did and it works in BBEdit. Not sure what the surprise is though, unless you have something in mind with the two unused named patterns.

I also used it in a modified LiveCode Builder CLM and it works a treat there (I couldn't get my mod to work correctly)

		<key>Function Pattern</key>

So thank you very much!

I have now updated the livescript CLM with Thierry's mod and a fix for controls not appearing in the text color prefs.

I have also added my modified LiveCode Builder CLM which includes many more keywords (thanks Ali) broken into their "Types" as specified in the docs.
As with the livescript version due to the need to break keywords into single word entities some of my choices in eliminating duplicates may not be truly correct, but its a minor glitch.

The files can be obtained... <> <>


(looking forward to Thierry's next post)

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