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David Williams dwilliams at
Wed Sep 9 09:49:44 EDT 2015

Hi Jose,

Off the top of my head, this would probably look something like the  
following in LC:

post tPostString to  

Where tPostString contains the post fields concatenated by & (for the  
example you posted):

To=5034554562&From=+1212022183&Body=test message

You can just sidestep this whole thing if you're on OSX/Linux by accessing  
curl directly with shell():

get shell("curl -X POST   
--data-urlencode 'To=5034554562' --data-urlencode 'From=+1212022183'  
--data-urlencode 'Body=test message' -u  

I would also strongly advise against posting your API keys publicly and  
recommend you change the one you just posted, as there are bots which  
crawl the public-facing web for such keys.


On Wed, 09 Sep 2015 12:24:19 +0100, Jose Damaso <rjd318 at> wrote:

> Hi all - can someone help me convert the following?
> curl -X POST  
> 'https://api*twilio*com/2010-04-01/Accounts/AC0afb9e5c70c0fde47904a9a6ff/Messages.json'
> \
> --data-urlencode 'To=5034554562' \
> --data-urlencode 'From=+1212022183' \
> --data-urlencode 'Body=test message' \
> -u AC0afb9e5c70c0fde47904a9a6ff:e6a1bdc2a7a7484d6cdc96e
> I just don't have any experience working with http(s) APIs and I've been
> working through the forum posts as best I can. The only thing I've  
> gathered
> so far is using urlEncode for the --data-urlencode lines. Are the -X POST
> and -u parts done in httpheaders?
> Any help would be greatly appreciated - thanks!
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