[OT] Atom Text Editor for Script Editiing - First Impressions

Kay C Lan lan.kc.macmail at gmail.com
Wed Sep 2 20:06:55 EDT 2015


sorry for the slow reply but my employer had the audacity to expect me to
work for my pay ;-) Unfortunately that typically involves long periods of
no or restricted internet.

Anyway, thank you for your time to look into this.

My set up is:

Atom: 1.0.9
Language-Livecode: 0.5.1
revigniter-syntax: 0.1.2


you say you restarted Atom and the snippet was there: Where? There are two
locations for snippets in Atom as far as I'm aware:

1) Atom menu -> Open Your Snippets
    This is empty for me because I haven't added any snippets... yet.

2) Packages menu -> Snippets -> Available
    Of the ones listed I have:


The inclusion of the 'handler' snippet suggests it's very much LiveCode
orientated and I'm assuming part of the Language-Livecode/revigniter-syntax
combination. But again, no 'switch' to be found.


just to clarify, colour coding is based on document extension, so if you
have a .txt file and just past in some LC handlers it will not be syntax
coloured unless you manually select the language from the selection at the
bottom right of the window, or you change the suffix to .lcb, or
apparently, if you enclose your text inside <?lc  ?>. If the file is
suffixed .lcb it will open and automatically be colourised.

Next on my list of Atom oddities. At the bottom right of the window, to the
right of where you can select the language is a green box with a + in it,
next to that it says +12643. I know the 12643 is the number of lines of
code. In my TE it tells me lines, words and char count. The green + box
implies that I can click on it and get other info like words and chars, but
nothing happens. What does the green + box do and how do I get document
word and char count?

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