SQLite, keep connection open or close every time?

Klaus major-k klaus at major-k.de
Tue Nov 24 13:02:59 EST 2015

Hi all,

thanks for your suggestions so far!

> Am 24.11.2015 um 18:54 schrieb Peter Haworth <pete at lcsql.com>:
> Hi Klaus,
> You seem to have received several responses that don't address your
> parameters of a local SQLite database on desktop or mobile so I'll limit my
> reply to a desktop application using SQLite on a local disk with a single
> user, no network connections, no multi user situations.
> ...
> groups of SQL statements in BEGIN and END statements. ...
> the database.  There's more information about this at
> https://www.sqlite.org/atomiccommit.html.
> Hope that helps.

yes, Pete, it really does, thanks!

> Pete



Klaus Major
klaus at major-k.de

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