Multiple windows launches of an app

Jeff Reynolds jeff at
Sun Nov 22 15:32:00 EST 2015

Just had something odd happen on a win 7 machine where multiple copies of the livecode app that runs on it (stripped machine that only runs this application for a presentation system) some how got started up. I had bumped the app to LC7.1 and over the last few months some random freezes were occurring (never seen before in the system that has run for 20+ years of evolution from early metacard!) and the multiple running copies of the same app was just discovered happening with the current 7.1LC version.

Users were quitting out of the app when things would seem to stop working by using an escape key handler i have that just quits the app (always has quit the app in the past fine with no lingering copy). Its a live show so I never can get detailed info on exactly the nature of the freeze up, but the escape key handler works so its not totally locked up, some say the buttons dont function others say it keeps working but external machine control does not work, others say it starts working again after a 30 second pause. again its totally new and random behavior, sometimes once a day sometimes not for two weeks. no consistent screen or asset causing it it seems. The app is pretty simple in its duties for revrun, basically little text db of video clips and thumbnails and labels to be selected played by external video server with UTP commands. 

But just finding multiple copies running makes me suspicious that they may have been causing some trouble so trying to squash that first now! Also the nightly restart on the windows box was not happening so windows was running for long periods. Had that issue with one rev of windows that would get cranky after running for a month or so straight w/o a restart.

Any ideas on how to prevent the multiple copies of the app from getting fired up?



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