Widget Browser Unable to Open Link in New Tab

James Little littlejamesw at mac.com
Tue Nov 17 11:57:10 EST 2015

Hi All,

I like the new widget browser in 8.0 dp 9.  It’s easy to set the url and I don’t need to close prior browser instances. I can handle messages like  browserNavigateBegin  and  browserDocumentLoadComplete.  I can copy content from the browser and paste it elsewhere. 

However, one challenge that I’ve been unable to solve is to navigate to a new url if the link opens in a new tab or a new window. The messages browserDocumentLoadFailed and browserNavigateFailed do not seem to be sent. Any suggestions on how I can open these links in the browser widget?  

I’ve thought that perhaps I could open the link in the user's default browser outside of Livecode using launch url, if I could handle the browserNavigateFailed message but that message does not seem to be sent.  Perhaps this is a bug and I need to file a bug report.  

I’ve written to the forums but no response.  Perhaps someone here on the use-list has some advice.


Jim L.  

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