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> Francis Nugent Dixon wrote:
> >/I can’t understand your licence rules, especially as they have been much />/modified since I BOUGHT 5.5 quite some time ago. /
> The license that accompanied your software is the only one that governs
> the software you received.
> Any changes to the license for later versions only affect the versions
> shipped with that license.
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There are complexer cases that are not fully covered by Richard's 
Due to my kickstarter contribution I have got a commercial licence that 
is valid up to August 2016. Legally that would mean IMHO that I am 
entitled to develop and distribute software under the conditions of this 
license, particularly

- to use any commercial-like Livecode version released until August 2016 
*forever* and without any restrictions to the possible revenue from 
sales and not subject to the new subscription scheme, in case I use the 
latest available Livecode version of August 2016.

Regrettably the license rules have changed now and the changes - in my 
limited perspective - were not fully transparent to me.  I would think 
that of the two present "near-commercial" licenses only the "business" 
version would be fully equivalent to the conditions of my own present 
licence valid up to August 2016.

Unfortunately I have been lured to subscribe to the Indy-license thereby 
extending my present license from August 2016 to August 2018.

Kevin Miller (on July 2 and repeatedly later on) had invited me in a 
personal post:

> What Can You Do With Indie?
> Launch a startup
> Win competitions
> Build an app that can change the world
> Teach kids to code
> Teach university students and beginners to code
> Develop interactive educational apps
> Launch ebooks
> Launch apps
> ...The List Goes On!
> What Will You Do With Indie?
> You tell us! We can't wait to see your name on the LiveCode Stories page.
> Here's what's up:
> The price of an Indie License is going up and we don't want it to 
> affect you. $499 will get you an Indie License for 2 years and it will 
> keep you at the low price of $299/year forever after that. Whatever 
> you do with Indie, make sure you get it at the right price. You can 
> lock that price in now:
There was no mention that you had to continue a "subscription" after the 
added two years to be able to produce and sell Livecode-built software 
and that with "Indy" there would be a revenue limit. I discovered that 
only later when looking up my personal Livecode account.

The URL <> led to the Cleverbridge 
website <> where an additional VAT sum was 
added to the price of  $499, which was not mentioned by Kevin and which 
I overlooked initially when accepting Kevin's proposal.

I am also informed on my personal Livecode account that a fixed VAT sum 
(stipulated on the basis of the dollar-euro exchange rate of July 2015) 
will be charged each year if I prolong the subscription after 2018.-

These changes could have been handled in a more transparent way by Livecode.

I am considering to revoke my added subscription of Livecode for August 
2016 - August 2018 in case an acceptable solution how to use my present 
commercial license with its conditions - valid up to August 2016 - 
cannot be found. I hope that until August 2016 Livecode will come up 
with a usable and stable version that allows me to work in my special 
fields of interest, a version without regressions and bugs that I then 
can  use *forever* under the terms of my present commercial license.

Kind regards,

Wilhelm Sanke
Emeritus Professor, University of Kassel, Germany

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