Livecode Licence Rules for dummies ....

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Sat Nov 14 18:01:18 EST 2015

Hi Francis,

It is really simple. You paid for LiveCode 5.5, which means that the 
license of LiveCode 5.5 applies. You have a valid license for LiveCode 
5.5 and you can use LiveCode 5.5 to distribute software commercially. 
Obviously, this implies you can also give away your software for free to 
family and friends. This doesn't apply to any version of LiveCode for 
which you don't have a valid license.

Kind regards,

Mark Schonewille

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Op 11/14/2015 om 12:56 schreef Francis Nugent Dixon:
> Hi from Beautiful Brittany,
> I have a « Terms of Use » problem with LiveCode.
> I bought into Livecode  several years ago, using it every day for my private use.
> I have stopped buying the new versions of LiveCode as they become available,
> because I am happy with 5.5, I can’t afford to upgrade, and I never wished to
> sell my apps !.
> I wrote a personal Family Tree program for free distribution to my family members.
> It can only be used by members of my family.
> I am now confused with the terms of sale of the various LiveCode licences.
> Life is becoming complicated.
> 1 - Am I allowed to GIVE, for no financial gain, my 5.5 developed Family Tree program,
> or any silly games I have created, to other members of the family or my friends ?
> 2 - What can I do, and NOT do with my 5.5 liveCode ? What are the 5.5 licence rules ?
> 3 - My Son-in-Law works for a company who use a dictionary of terms used in the
> automobile industry, in four languages, which is impossible to learn. I wrote an application
> to make available the references of all of the terms in a rapid user-friendly display.
> Can I GIVE this application to my Son-in-Law  for his own personal use ?
> 4 - If I want to make available a free version of this application to other members of the
> company where my son-in-law works, under what conditions may I do this ?
> 5 - If I buy a business version of LiveCode and SELL the application to my sons company
> (because they will love it), what happens after the expiration of my licence.
> Can the company still use the application ?
> Sorry to bother you with these questions, but even with my high IQ, I can’t understand your
> licence rules, especially as they have been much modified since I BOUGHT 5.5 quite some time ago.
> You may address any answers to my e-mail, but I honestly think that they will interest
> the LiveCode community.
> Best Regards
> -Francis
> « Nothing should ever be done for the first time ! »
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