Vector Images and the SVGL stack

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Wed Nov 11 14:15:53 EST 2015

> Scott R. wrote:
> Currently, the point system of LiveCode's default graphics is based on
> full 1-pixel units, which limits the degree of subtlety that can be
> applied to a graphic.  Until the "shape" object materializes and/or
> bezier curves, it isn't possible to create a graphic with smooth
> articulated curves that scales well to any size.  And even then, only
> LiveCode 8 and later will be able to take advantage of it.

I don't agree with such a banalizing of LC's graphics method which is pretty good. Especially you know that and told us a several nifty techniques. And I like it very much to have a one-to-one access to the pixels of my display (for the points of my printer I use TeX).

SVG/ postscript/pdf don't "scale" to other devices, that's what LC does. The others *recompute* the raster according to the stored mathematical model (incl. a lot of simple line segments) and they "scale" embedded images, often badly smoothed.
We could also store the floating point coords or generating math models with every graphic object and recompute a smooth display-points version with every rescaling of the objects or change of device. It's sadly difficult, but it's already possible.

There is still a lot to do for the LC team with graphics  a set of selected library additions for LC 8 could go, for example, as externals to LC 6-7, perhaps also by Monte?).

Nevertheless: We are the graphic barbarians, not LC.

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