Using " <time>" wirh private commands?

-hh hh at
Sun Nov 8 06:57:39 EST 2015

RG wrote:
> Inelegant, but this seems to at least block outside callers:
> on SomeTimer
>     put item 1 of line -2 of the executionContexts into tCaller
>     if (tCaller is not empty) AND (tCaller <> the long id of me) then
>        exit SomeTimer
>     end if
>     --
>     DoSomething
>     send "SomeTimer" to me in 500 millisecs
> end SomeTimer

The empty tCaller will create problems.

What's wrong with this consideration?
A message is "private" with respect to "me", if the *TOP* of the message stack is me:

It works for me to have true
     (the long id of me is item 1 of the executionContexts)
for such a 'private' timer construct.

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