LiveCode TV Rides Again!

David Bovill david at
Tue Nov 3 11:01:34 EST 2015

Except we'll use a different name, and different technology.

If any of you remember LivCode TV it was a free community project we
started a couple of years back to live stream coding sessions. Since then a
huge amount of things have happened and I feel it is time we restart this
project full of the new juicy open source goodies at our disposal.

I've spend a while experimenting with new techniques in terms of screen
casting, Hangouts on Air, mumble servers, and forms of documenting and
screen-casting open source coding projects, and I'm really looking forwards
to the Livecode TV's new season :)

*What's the Focus?*
The aim of the project is to give a space for the community to have fun
researching and building projects together. A particular focus is the
creation of open source libraries of general use to the community.

If you have an open source project or library that you are working on, or
would simply like to start working on with other people, get in touch on
this thread, or off-list.

*Principles and structure*
All the projects we cover will be free culture

   - Code projects we work on will be hosted on GitHub - they must be open
   - Project documentation will be Creative Commons licensed so that it is
   compatible with Wikipedia and other free culture archives.
   - Authors get accreditation for their code and their work.
   - Everyone will get their own writing and research space online
   - We will integrate time and bitcoin donations to community projects and
   individual teachers.
   - We work, code and research together asynchronously and with regular
   Happenings where we get together online or in physical space.
   - Small groups are good. 3-5 people working together can get a lot done.
   We are more interested in researching and making together than marketing.

*Kick Off Event*
We'll be starting and announcing this project at MozFest
<> this coming weekend. If you are in
London drop by and see us in the Science Strand. And I'll be following this
up with a series of weekly events based around some open source code and
libraries that I hope will be of general use to the community.

We are working closely with a number of great open source projects, and are
not restricting what we do purely to Livecode. We are also interested in
projects and code bases that play well with Livecode. One of these is Federated
Wiki <> -

Federated Wiki is a social architecture in which every writer has their own
personal writing space (wiki) but is able to share data, code and content
with other people by forking pages, or dragging and dropping content from
one site to another. You keep your own research notes, but you share them
with other people with automatic Creative Commons attribution and full
revision history.

We have an early stage server and client implementation of Fedwiki in
LiveCode, and we will be building on this project to integrate it with a
number of other important technologies that provide robust API's (Github,
Wikipedia, Slack, Gitter, IPFS, Ethereum and other Blockchain technologies).

Starting next week we'll be looking at oAuth, Twitter and Facebook API's -
and anything else people on this list suggest as interesting.

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