Workaround on the inability to create relative paths in the LC6-7 series Movie Player

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Thu Mar 26 10:16:31 EDT 2015

The LC 6-7 series for Macintosh will not allow the creation of a relative path for the movie player. I understand that Apple has deprecated Quicktime and QTVR.  While the LiveCode team works to resolve the issue, I find several temporary workarounds for the problem: 

1.  On Macintosh, create the standalone with the relative path in LC 5.5.3.  The standalone will play in the LC 6-7 series.

2.  Create the standalone on Windows.  In Windows, LC 7.0 does maintain the relative path, and standalones built on Windows for Mac will keep the relative path and display the Quicktime movies  on Mac, even when using the LC 6-7 series.

3.  QTVR is not so fortunate. QTVR will not play on Macintosh in the LC 6-7 series, even if a build is made on Windows with LC 7.0.  Windows itself, though, with LC 7.0 will play QTVR.

Scott Rossi wrote (Mar 24 2015):
>In some simple tests, it looks like QuickTime Player 10 (on Mavericks)
>won’t even open VR movies, but will hand them off to Player 7 if available.
>You’d probably do well to stop using QTVR and look for an alternative.
If Scott say so, I take it seriously.

Phil Jimmieson wrote (Mar 24 2015):
>I think Apple dropped support of quicklime VR movies. You’re supposed to move to AVKit and AV Foundation.

In order to show the movies through LiveCode, though, we’ll have to wait for the LiveCode team to adopt
the newer technology.

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