Movie problems in LiveCode

J. Landman Gay jacque at
Tue Mar 24 15:29:49 EDT 2015

On 3/24/2015 10:26 AM, Richard Gaskin wrote:
> In apps where the media I'm playing resides in a single folder, I often
> just have a central handler cover that to which I pass the file's short
> name only and it takes care of the rest, e.g.:
> on PlayMovie pFile
>    put specialFolderPath("documents")&"/MyApp/media/"& pFile into tPath
>    if there is not a file tPath then
>       answer "Media file missing: "& tPath
>       exit to top
>    end if
>    play tPath
> end PlayMovie

That's exactly what I do too, I've never trusted relative paths. I use 
this method for all file types, not just movies, but I turn it into a 
function so I can call it for any kind of file:

function pathToFile pName
   put specialFolderPath("documents")&"/MyApp/media/"& pName into tPath
   return tPath
end pathToFile

This works great and is portable everywhere. If there are several 
folders involved, I use a switch statement inside the function, or else 
pass the folder and file names both in the parameters.

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