Problems with movies in latest LiveCode versions

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On Mar 20, 2015, at 5:06 PM, stgoldberg at wrote:

> The problem is the same regardless of whether the script mentioned below is applied.  Namely, I can't get a
> player object to remember a relative path to a movie.  As soon as I try to put a relative path into the player control
> LiveCode immediately changes it to an absolute path when using LiveCode versions in the 6-7 series. I don't have this problem with
> the Image Area control. 
> It may help to see if other users are having the same problem.  I ask users who are using LiveCode in the 6-7 series to see
> what happens if they place a player on a card and then try to put a relative path to a movie into the player's property
> inspector.  Does LiveCode immediately change it to an absolute path? If other users do not have this problem, 
> I'll have to look for some other problem at my end.  I have not had this problem with Livecode 5.5.3.


I’ve noticed this, too, and reported it. See bug #14435 at The last status update from the engineering team indicated that it is “AWAITING_BUILD”. It may help for you to add your comments to this bug.

I think the reason that it doesn’t crop up more may be that most people tend set the filepath of a player object as an absolute, rather than a relative, filepath. That is what I do most of the time, but on occasion I’ll just set the defaultFolder then set the filepath of the player to a relative path. The latter thing is what stopped working in 6.7 and later. 

I haven’t seen the fix come through yet, although I admit I have yet to download and test the latest 6.7.4 and 7.0.4 RC releases.



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