Problems with movies in latest LiveCode versions

stgoldberg at stgoldberg at
Fri Mar 20 19:06:25 EDT 2015

The problem is the same regardless of whether the script mentioned below is applied.  Namely, I can't get a
 player object to remember a relative path to a movie.  As soon as I try to put a relative path into the player control
LiveCode immediately changes it to an absolute path when using LiveCode versions in the 6-7 series. I don't have this problem with
 the Image Area control. 
 It may help to see if other users are having the same problem.  I ask users who are using LiveCode in the 6-7 series to see
what happens if they place a player on a card and then try to put a relative path to a movie into the player's property
inspector.  Does LiveCode immediately change it to an absolute path? If other users do not have this problem, 
I'll have to look for some other problem at my end.  I have not had this problem with Livecode 5.5.3.

Stephen Goldberg, pres
Medmaster Publishing Co.

> Since I use a lot of movies in my stacks, I have gone back to
LiveCode 5.5.3. I?ve tried LiveCode versions 6.7 through 7.04 and they do not
display movies properly. For one thing, when I try to set a file path to a
relative path, the later LiveCode versions do not allow me to save the relative
path, but instead immediately convert the relative path back to an absolute
path.  Moreover, the movies only appear unpredictably.

Not sure if this will
help you, but I found this is easy to workaround, just add something

set fileName of player "myPlayer" to "./movies/"

?to the
openCard handler of the card that holds the movie, or the control that loads the
movie, obviously the path will need to be the correct relative path. LC will
still convert it to the absolute path, but at least it will be correct,
especially if the stack and movies are moved to a different location before
being opened. I would expect this should also improve the unpredictably

> In LiveCode 5.5.3 and beyond, the movieClip does not function
correctly.  While the movieClip Property Inspector has a  Size and Position
section for setting the location of the movieClip, this does not work. 
I?m using  Mac system 10.9.5. 

I tried, but can't re-create this problem, the
Property Inspector - Size and Position work fine as far as I can see, I am on OS
X 10.10.2, but I doubt that would be a platform version issue. Hopefully
somebody else could try this on 10.9.5 to confirm.

> While I appreciate the
efforts of the LiveCode team for upgrading the abilities of LiveCode, I think
that when it comes to a basic control like a Player object not functioning, this
affects LiveCode?s reputation for reliability, and the problem needs to be

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