Card colo(u)rs

Peter W A Wood peterwawood at
Sun Jun 28 23:22:50 EDT 2015

> On 29 Jun 2015, at 07:27, Richard Gaskin <ambassador at> wrote:
> If they're taking bug reports on that early build it may be worth reporting.

LiveCode are accepting and actioning bug reports on LiveCode 8.0 DP 2

> Can you reproduce it in the current version?


> If so, how?

1. Open a new main stack
2. Open the card inspector (card 1)
3. Select the background fill
4. Choose a colour (colour 1) 
5. Add a new card to the stack (card 2)
6. Set the background fill to a different colour (colour 2)
7. Add a new card to the stack (card 3)
8. Set the background fill to a different colour (colour 3)
9. Go to card 2, the background fill will now be colour 3 instead of colour 2

I quickly searched the user guide and the dictionary but there was no indication as to whether this behaviour is expected or not. Given that Richmond has identified that older versions of LiveCode did not show this behaviour, it can only be either a deliberate change or a bug.

As nobody has mentioned that it is a deliberate change, I will report it as a bug.

I will wait a little longer before doing so in case somebody remembers it being changed on purpose. 



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