FIND command in LC7 does not work as in LC5

stgoldberg at stgoldberg at
Sun Jun 28 11:55:23 EDT 2015

I've noticed the following problem in using the FIND command in LC7, as opposed to LC5:

Say I have a stack with 200 cards, in which the last 198 cards contain a group within which is a field named CODE. Say on one of the cards field CODE contains the code word PPH.

In LC 5.5.3, if I'm on the first card and issue the command

 find "PPH" in field "CODE" 

then LC 5.5.3 finds PPH, as expected.

However, in LC 7.0.4, if I issue the same command from the first card, the field CODE is not found.  In order to find it I have to modify the script to read:

Go to CD 3 of this stack -- where the group resides containing the field CODE
FIND "PPH" in field "CODE"

I'm not sure if this issue has been reported, but it's important that if someone is changing from LC5 to LC7, there needs to be some modification of the script to allow the FIND command to work properly. Or perhaps someone has a different solution?

Stephen Goldberg
Prof Emeritus, Univ of Miami School of Medicine
President, Medmaster Publishing Co.

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