Messing around with LibreOffice Calc

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Fri Jun 26 16:11:20 EDT 2015

Richmond wrote:
>> Now, at the risk of seeming incredibly stupid (!!!!) I wonder why data
>> copied from a Gnumeric file works, while data copied from a
>> LibreOffice Calc does not???
>> Of course, were I a real 'trooper' I'd install every possible
>> spreadsheet software
>> on my Linux box and do the same sort of thing . . . .
> Further to this: I found I can copy-paste interchangeably:
> I can select and copy in a LibreOffice Calc file and post everything
> successfully into a Gnumeric spreadsheet,
> and the other way round.
> So what is LiveCode objecting to with data from LibreOffice?

Reported by yours truly, these two clipboard-related bugs were included 
in short-lists requested by Ben for near-term resolution, and my 
understanding is the team is investigating these now:

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