Insertion point problems

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Thu Jun 25 07:11:54 EDT 2015

Thanks to Bernd for the simplest solution to my practical problem. If we "go to" Stack A "the selectedChunk" will mean "the selectedChunk in stack A". But, as he notes, preservation of the prior selection depends on certain conditions (more on this below). 

One anomaly is that "the selectedChunk" seems to preserve its value when we are NOT in Stack A--but ONLY if it was (let's call it) a "selectedRun" and not just an insertion point; and ONLY if we are not in and have not navigated to some stack with an unlocked field. (It turns out that whether Stack B is a palette, and my "set the default stack to StackA" command, are both irrelevant). 

This anomaly may have no practical importance, given Bernd's approach (and the option others have explained to store our own record of the selectedChunk). But one other aspect of Bernd's approach is surprising. When we "go to" a stack (either by script or by clicking on the title bar), the restoration of its prior selection varies as follows: 

1. if it was a selectedRun, and we have not since been to a stack with an unlocked field, the selectedChunk remains that run. 

2. If it was a selectedRun and we have been to a stack with an unlocked field, the selectedChunk becomes an insertion point just after the selectedRun. (!) 

2. If it was an insertion point, that insertion point seems to be restored as the selectedChunk--EVEN IF we have visited a stack with an unlocked field. 

David Epstein 

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