LiveCode quits, but stays in Dock (OS X Yosemite) and shows as open

Gabriel Johnson gwjapp at
Tue Jun 23 17:39:07 EDT 2015

Hey All-

We have a weird issue on one of our computers where LiveCode (version
6.6.3) seems to quit, but it remains showing as open in the Dock (on OS X
Yosemite). However, it says "Application Not Responding" if you right-click
on the icon. When I try to open LiveCode again (from the Applications
folder), it gives the error "The Application "LiveCode 6.6.3" is not open

LiveCode doesn't show in the Activity Monitor, and the terminal command: ps
-ax | grep -i "LiveCode" doesn't show anything either. So it looks like it
did successfully quit. However, it shows in the "Force Quit Applications"
window. Choosing to Force Quit it doesn't do anything.

I've seen this problem with Firefox on the same computer. Does anyone know
what might cause this? Is there something in Yosemite I can change to
prevent/work around this issue? One major problem with this is that the
computer will not reboot unless the power button is held to force it to
shut down.


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