POST command and "Previous Request Not completed"

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Sat Jun 20 14:06:31 EDT 2015

Trevor DeVore wrote:

 > On Saturday, June 20, 2015, Klaus major-k <klaus at> wrote:
 >> Say we have some POST commands and fire them one after another.
 >> Now according to the docs, the POST command is blocking, so we should
 >> NOT see the error dialog "Previous Request Not completed“ any time,
 >> right?
 >> But under some (mysterious) circumstances we actually do, what am I
 >> missing?
 > I think you could run into this problem if you are using send in
 > time. POST will keep the handler it is in from continuing but another
 > handler could start executing with a send in time call.

I wish it were so easy.

I have a button which toggles between opening a record for editing and 
saving a record.  When opening for editing it uses GET, and for saving 
it uses POST.

When I click the button quickly in success while it's in Save mode, it 
initiates the post but then queues the GET too close behind, perhaps 
even before POST is done, and then libURL goes into an odd state 
complaining about certs it otherwise has no problem with.

I'll see if I can get some time to assemble a simple demo stack and 
submit a bug report, but in short I believe Klaus is onto something, 
that POST is only blocking in some very specific ways that are difficult 
to identify and anticipate.

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