Livecode 8 (dp2) not recognising Xcode?

Paul Hibbert paul at
Sun Jun 14 15:10:41 EDT 2015

With Xcode, I would just download the older version from Apple to a sub folder within your Applications folder, that way you don’t need to trash the current version only to re-download it later. The two versions will work side by side with no problem, but because they are named the same, one will need to be in a sub folder.

You should be able to trash LC 7.0.2 and install LC 7.0.5 without any issues, I do that with each update so I don’t end up with lots of versions of LC, I like to keep it down to a few manageable versions.

I also agree that if the SDK for 8.2 is within Xcode 8.3, then LC 7.0.2 should recognise it, but who knows what Apple changes between versions, I imagine it wouldn’t take much for the link to be broken.

Just to note, I’m finding LC 7.0.5 to be a bit more stable than most of the dp releases, I almost gave up on LC 7 because of so many odd crashes.


> On Jun 14, 2015, at 11:54, Ray <ray at> wrote:
> One question; if I simply drag the Xcode 6.3.2 and Livecode 7.0.2 bundles in the Macintosh Applications folder to the trash will that totally uninstall everything so re-installing an different version won't turn up incompatibilities?

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