"wait until" or "repeat until" (with a wait) for modal dialog wait?

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Sat Jun 13 13:18:20 EDT 2015

Dr. Hawkins wrote:

 > I am writing my own modal replacement for answer for a variety of
 > reasons
 > Once I have a modal stack/card set up, there isn't anything to do but
 > wait for it.
 > I could use either
 > repeat until the retVal of me is not empty
 >   wait 10 milliseconds with messages
 > next repeat
 > or I could use
 > wait until the retVal of me is not empty
 > But is the wait until going to spike the cpu?   the dictionary states
 > that to evaluates "continuously"--but how continuously is
 > continuously?
 > And will this be system dependent?

Normally the modal command will pause execution of the script that calls 
it until the modal is dismissed.

What do you need to wait for?

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