Cyclomatic complexity

David Bovill david at
Sun Jun 7 12:47:54 EDT 2015

I've got code for graphing Livecode handlers and their callout
relationships across the message path. I use graphviz for the layout
algorithms - I demoed this at the Livecode conference a few years back -
the libraries it uses are sueful for analysing scripts, as well as graphing

Happy to chip in?

On 7 June 2015 at 18:08, Richard Gaskin <ambassador at> wrote:

> Skip wrote:
> >> Richard wrote:
> >>
> >> Here's that thrown-together result:
> >> <>
> >
> > I think there might be several people interested in your stack,
> > if you are willing to share :)
> Very - whenever I post a screen shot of a tool I'm working on the
> intention is to make that tool available once it's been sufficiently
> debugged and "productized".
> As Steven McConnell reminds us in his book "Code Complete", the difference
> in level of effort between a personal tool and a product can be an order of
> magnitude, because "with a tool it need only be possible to use it
> correctly, but with a product it should be impossible to use it
> incorrectly".
> My inclination is to give tools and code away at no cost, and sometimes
> even under GPL or other open source licenses when they're a good fit for
> the project's goals, so folks can use them and share them easily.
> Despite my inclinations, however, my accountant reminds me I'm not getting
> any younger, and that I need to remain mindful of little things down the
> road like retirement.
> Like most of us, I toss together ad hoc solutions to help with whatever I
> need to do in my professional work, and now and then things are either so
> trivial that they don't require much polishing to be worth sharing (e.g.
> gZipper and DeskView), or are so necessary to my professional work that
> they're already at least polished enough for others to use (e.g. devolution
> and Flight Recorder).
> But other things require a bit of work to turn them from something useful
> only to me into something that can benefit others as well.
> Looking at the GBs of PBIs (Partly-Baked Ideas) on my hard drives I
> realize some of those would be useful to share - if I can find a way to
> make the time for that away from client work.
> I've considered various forms of crowd-funding, but for small things like
> dev tools it's often more work to set up a campaign and manage it within
> Kickstarter or even IndieGoGo than to just finish the tool itself.
> So while I'm focused right now on meeting some hefty client deadlines, I
> wanted to at least confirm that yes, the code base analysis tool and others
> will become available at first opportunity (devolution 4.0 is very close to
> testable release), and to let you know I'm considering a donation-based
> system to gauge the community's interest in these sorts of things.
> I'm open to other ideas, but at the moment donations seem a good balance
> of flexibility for both myself and anyone interested in the tools.
> There will likely be multiple donation levels to choose from, so if you
> want email support that would be available at a certain minimum, and other
> incentives for higher amounts, yet still allow a gratis option for those
> who may not yet have income streams the tools contribute to.
> There are risks with any model, and I don't expect any donations from dev
> tools to do as much for my retirement as consumer apps do.  But every
> little bit helps so that's my intention at the moment, unless someone here
> has a better idea for both making more money to keep such efforts viable
> while also making the tools very easily available for anyone who can
> benefit from them.
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