long overdue book update

Colin Holgate colinholgate at gmail.com
Sun Jun 7 09:06:41 EDT 2015

I worked for quite a few months on an update to the mobile development book I wrote. I managed a few updates, but was constantly busy with work things, and other commitment distractions. I asked another Packt author for advice, he said that when he had the same issue he acquired a co-author. So I did the same!

Joel Gerdeen was going to be a reviewer on the revision, but I asked him if he would be up for being the co-author. It was nearly a year ago that we started talking, and about 11 months since he was signed up to do the job. A couple of days ago I received two copies of the new edition, and it seems like you can buy it now:

http://www.amazon.com/LiveCode-Mobile-Development-Beginners-Second-ebook/dp/B00YJ64G9W/ <http://www.amazon.com/LiveCode-Mobile-Development-Beginners-Second-ebook/dp/B00YJ64G9W/>

I’m puzzled how Amazon show so many used copies available, so soon after its release! Most likely those would be first editions.

By now I’m quite sure that Joel regrets having signed up! He did a great job, but did discover that it was a lot of work. The editors and other staff at Packt have changed a few times in the last year, and each time there was someone new Joel would have to point out that the questions they are asking had already been answered. This time around I think the process was tougher too, that may have just been down to the new staff members, and their style of working.

Anyway, you all should buy several copies of the book, so that Joel gets some recompense!

From memory, I think the changes in the book are to update screenshots, change the text to reflect LiveCode 7, and there are some bits about upcoming LiveCode 8 features. I’m going to ask about whether there is an upgrade path, at least for owners of the revision 1 e-books.

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